National Scrabble Association- National Association for Scrabble Players

The National SCRABBLE Association organizes the official Scrabble tournaments and Scrabble clubs in the United States and Canada.

The National Scrabble Association was established in 1978 by the people at Selchow & Righter, the owners of SCRABBLE at the time. When Hasbro Games bought the manufacturing and marketing rights for Scrabble, the National Scrabble Association began a long partnership with that corporation.

The NSA is the official organization of the tournament Scrabble players. The National Scrabble Association has over 10,000 members who have played in NSA-sanctioned games.

The National Scrabble Association works hand-in-hand with Hasbro Games in the marketing of Scrabble, often coordinating with Hasbro's public relations officials to promote the game of SCRABBLE.

The National Scrabble Championship

The National SCRABBLE Association is the organizer of the National SCRABBLE Championship. The NSA also coordinates the efforts of the U.S. National Scrabble Team and the Canadian National Scrabble Team.

The National Scrabble Association selects both teams which represent their respective countries at the World SCRABBLE Championship.

Scrabble Tournaments

The National Scrabble Association organizes and sanctions over 250 Scrabble tournaments every year. The N.S.A. keeps rankings of all players who compete in the Scrabble tournament circuits. These rankings rate all U.S. and Canadian players in one system.

Scrabble Clubs

There are over 300 Scrabble clubs which are recognized by the National SCRABBLE Association. The NSA maintains communications with all of these 300 official Scrabble clubs.


One means of commication is the publication of the SCRABBLE News, a periodical detailing the latest news and trends in North American Scrabble. The National Scrabble Association publishes eight issues of Scrabble News per year.

The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary

The National Scrabble Players Association also develops the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which maintains a list of words acceptable for family and school Scrabble games.

The National School Scrabble Program

The National Scrabble Association also sponsors the National School Scrabble Program, which helps bring children to the great game of SCRABBLE. The NSA answers questions from children or adults via mail or email about Scrabble history and Scrabble rules.

The National Scrabble Association also promotes literacy outside of the world of Scrabble. The NSA developed the ProLiteracy Worldwide Fund-Raiser Program towards promoting literacy worldwide. The National Scrabble Association continues to manage the ProLiteracy Program.

National SCRABBLE Association Information

Telephone Number - 214-810-2439

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NSA email information - [email protected]
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